10D Peeling mango fudge mini mango shape jelly soft gummy candy

1. 72g*10pcs*6boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:42*27*19 cm;
3. Gross wt:5.9 kgs per carton
4. Qty:3133 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Mango

Mix colorful mini sour fruity chewing beans soft candy

1. 14g*30pcs*20hanging boards/ctn;
2. carton meas:50*29*38 cm;
3. Gross wt:11 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1225 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:sour fruity

Transparent crystal real juice 20% jam filled fruit jelly soft gummy candy in bag

1. 300g*40bags/ctn;
2.carton meas:50*36*22 cm;
3.Gross wt:13.2 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1705 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

4 in 1 crystal mixed fruits shaped soft gummy fruits candy

1. 20g*48pcs*6boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:51.5*25.5*57.5 cm;
3.Gross wt:7.9 kgs per carton
4. Qty:894 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

Cute cartoon duck soft gummy candy with chocolate bean candy

1. 9g*30pcs*24boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:54*47*23.5 cm;
3. Gross wt:9.2 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1132 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits,chocolate

Halloween halal candy 3D Crocodile eye ball gummy jelly candy

1. 7g*60pcs*12bottles/ctn;
2. carton meas:50.5*38*23 cm;
3. Gross wt:7.8 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1529 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

Fast food burger shaped soft candy in Hamburger lunch box gummy candy toy

carton meas:48.5*24*28.5 cm;
Gross wt:6.8 kgs per carton
Qty:2035 ctns per 40'HQ

5pcs 3D dinosaur shape soft gummy candy egg packing

1. 36g*20pcs*8boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:48*34*37 cm;
3. Gross wt:9 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1118 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

Japan snacks food Sushi boat shape soft candy japanese sushi shape gummy candy jelly

1. 9g*30pcs*20boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:62*31*22.5 cm;
3. Gross wt:6.3 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1561 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

Hot sale Strawberry shaped soft gummy candy filled with jam

1. 14g*40pcs*12jars/ctn;
2. carton meas:47.5*24*32.5 cm;
3. Gross wt:8.7 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1822 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Strawberry

BBQ Roll candy stick rainbow belt candy gummy roll soft candy

1. 10g*30pcs*24boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:42*38*40 cm;
3. Gross wt:9.4 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1057 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

Rainbow color OK Roll sour sweet Belt candy gummy roll jelly soft candy in cup

1. 9g*30pcs*20PVC boxes/ctn;
2. carton meas:42.5*29.5*30 cm;
3. Gross wt:7.4 kgs per carton
4. Qty:1795 ctns per 40'HQ
5. Flavour:Fruits

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