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    High quality Halal Magic Pop Candy In Bulk

    1.Popping candy is interesting because we can feel candy jumping in our mouth when eating. People like this feeling, do you know why it jumps with bomb sound in your month? Because it has the ingredients of compressed carbon dioxide inside. The outer candy will be melted when eating, then carbon dioxide will dump out when touching the water and heat, so we could feel it jumps in the month. 2. The quality of popping candy is very good , it sells to many countries like USA, Korea and Southeast Asia. 3. We are manufacturer! We could make different flavors like original, strawberry, cola and so on. To make sure its shelf life, it only can be packed in pure aluminum bag. 4. Most popping candy contains lactose which is allergen ,but our popping candy does not contain any of this ingredient, you don't need to worry about any allergen issues, this is our big advantage. 5. Mixing some sour powder together with the popping candy make its taste much better , and price will be more competitive.

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